core values – old

These are core values I hold onto

Network Equity – Your social bank account that builds your bank account.
Your network is your net worth.  You are the combination of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most.
Super Energy Richness – You give your gift, and are rewarded for what you give.  Pulled by passion, flow state,tapping into your source and universal source of a higher frequency.  You will create more energy in the world.
Leadership – Turning uncertainty into progress towards your vision and north star. It is about choosing commitment over comfort – commitment to daily habits and tasks.  Lead yourself, and lead others.
You are responsible, as a leader, for others aligning with their vision and getting their desired results.
Mastery – You are so committed to your knowledge and growth to a subject that you never expect it to happen in a lifetime.
Integrity – Your actions are so loud people can hardly hear you speaking.
Doing what is right for the sake of good for others – and without other’s noticing.
Authenticity – Fully expressing your true self, owning your identity, while striving for fluidity.
Nothing is unspoken.  It’s truly about who you are as a human being.
Gratitude – Finding the gift in each moment and appreciating it.  What you appreciate, appreciates.