Photography © Paolo Cascio

During the summer of 2017, Hope, a Barista at Pepper Park Coffee in Lake Barrington IL asked me…”Hey Dave, may I shadow you one day
while you drive around making sales calls?”. Drive with Dave was born on that day.

Drive with Dave is an opportunity for future sales leaders to get hands on experience of…
– phone prospecting
– call scripting including language & thought patterns (powerful stuff!)
– door to door & phone prospecting (prospecting is life!)
– client calls
– planning & routing effectively
– efficient use of “windshield time”
– using breaks to check in & re energize
– surprises way too cool to list here 

Together, in Dave’s Mobile University, we are leaders cultivating a positive impact during this cultural renaissance in the marketplace
during the next 20 years.

Hope, you have made a powerful impact, thank you for being authentic, transparent, and relevant. 

Drive with Dave takes place once per month, for 6 hours, and the cost is a cup of coffee.
With gratitude…


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