Gratitude is the foundation to happiness and fulfillment in our lives.
We all have something to be grateful for, many times it’s something small that we take for granted.
“What we appreciate, appreciates” – Ben Schemper

Some simple daily practices of gratitude include…
– upon waking think to yourself “what do I GET to do today?”
– write 3 things you are grateful for (morning or evening)
– writing daily/weekly thank you cards to family, friends, clients, co workers,
including people you’ve just met (your pilot, a police officer, business owner you admire, server)
Thank You John Israel – for you have cultivated a movement to raise gratitude on the planet by 1%!
– saying “thank you for showing up to work today, I appreciate you being here” to retail employees,
restaurant servers, bank tellers, & customer service reps on the phone. Being human vs. transactional.
– beginning a sales call, meeting, or speaking engagement with thanking the people attending

Over the years I have many people in my life to be thankful for. Below is a list of people who have provided
me leadership and made an Epic Impact on my life. Your ripple affect is being felt throughout humankind…

Jake’s Pizza in Palatine – Herb, Lynn, & Terry. Although I didn’t agree with everything, you taught me the
fundamental phrase…How you do one thing, is how you do everything. Who knew I would learn so much
from washing dishes, slicing onions, making sandwiches, and cleaning bathrooms. Lastly, I learned
the importance of tipping and how hard working peoples’ lives depend on it.

UIC Family Business Council – Earnest Barrens, Dennis Dubois, Hallie Crawford. Jim Liataud, thank you
for cultivating leadership and introducing me to Emotional Intelligence.

Selling Dynamics / Sandler – John Hirth & Phil Kash, for teaching me true fundamentals of the sales
process. Naturally, I still begin my calls with a pre frame. Is this ok with you?

Jahn Dolphin – “always carry a spiral notebook”

Grandpa Sam – “It’s not what you make (money), it’s what you do with what you make”

Anthony Roll – Your leadership on the approach, great music, and the famous book list.

Mike Grant – You always saw opportunities, took risks, and trusted yourself while
making the leap. You inspired me while making an employer shift – love you brother.

Jimmie – For teaching me to throw a softball, who knew what that would lead to.

Napoleon Hill – The books, inspiration, and truly being a pioneer in the practice of self
leadership. My Mastermind Group is based off of your idea. I still have meetings with
leaders (alive or dead) and ask them to share their gifts with me.

Epic Impact – Ben, Jake, Andrew, Zach, Justin, Brian, Michael & Mike. It is your leadership,
commitment, and challenges that created the space for me to shift from Windows 98 Dave
to Epic Dave. Clearly, I am stepping into Epic Dave 2.0, and look forward to crew again. Love you brothers.

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital – Volunteering in Day Surgery was a pleasure and privilege to serve.

BNI of Barrington – Building my Network Equity, providing structure, Giver’s Gain, and surrounding
myself with an upstanding local sales team.

Tim White – for the reflection, the identity shift, and showing me what the human shadow is all about.
You created the space for me to share my gifts on this website.


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