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“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result” – Bob Proctor

The content on this website is written by Dave LoSavio. This information is designed to inspire people to Borrow From Their Future Selves – see themselves better than they currently do and commit to forward progress. It is not intended to “fix” any problems regarding relationships, finance, health, or spirituality. If you are an individual with specific problems regarding these areas, please contact a licensed professional in that field.

It is my purpose to leave people more inspired, fulfilled, and energized then when I’ve first met them.

The content provided in this website is provided to create the space to improve your overall well being and align with your purpose in life. Although there are examples of deep commitment and leaning into discomfort, these are practices that I have studied and performed on a daily basis. Let me repeat – everything I discuss in the content provided I have made as part of my daily practices.

“If I tell you something I’ve read, and I’m not doing it, you call me a liar” – Ben Schemper.

I do my best to show up for you by providing accurate and timely information regarding personal development. I cite my sources, and give much gratitude to those have provided me leadership. Check out my Gratitude page for a list of my Circle of Influence.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me – and, naturally, Borrowing From Your Future Self!
We are a part of the Cultural Renaissance taking place in the market and world today.

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